Summer vegetable storage

We took a trip to the Farmer’s market this past week and found that the vegetables and plants were just delightful.  I am almost giddy with excitement when our local market opens each year.  I love to talk with the produce growers and find out about their farms and how they choose to grow their vegetables.


I have learned a great deal from different growers and just enjoy seeing the produce so fresh from their gardens and greenhouses.  Every year when I am cleaning and storing my vegetables, especially during the summer months, I search for the best way to organize my refrigerator.  This year, I was sent a sample of the Sunsella Buddy boxes to test and review on the blog.  This four pack of BPA free child-friendly plastic boxes are perfect for lunches or summer picnics.  Although they do not have seals and are not able to carry liquids;  they are perfect for dry storage or transport.

This is a very durable product which stacks for easy kitchen cupboard storage, and could be used for color coded organization.  The individual boxes have smaller sized storage for those bits of vegetables that could be combined but not intermingled in the refrigerator.  I like the look of the boxes and the style of the lids.  They function as advertised.


The Sunsella Buddy boxes can be used in the microwave, the freezer, or the refrigerator. I would remember to allow for dead space when freezing and vent for microwave use.  These boxes are a great new product on the market for foodies and families who enjoy storage systems.  #sunsellabuddybox  #picnic  # summer

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