New kitchen tool: touch free soap dispenser

Food preparation requires attention to a few principles which decrease or eliminate bacterial transfer from hands to food. Most people know the importance of not cross contaminating raw meats or seafood on cutting boards.  And, understand the importance of cleaning knives and counter-tops.  But, reaching for a contaminated hand soap dispenser can also be a culprit of bacteria in a home kitchen.  So, when I was given the opportunity to test and review this product for my blog, I was very pleased.

This new touch free soap dispenser perfectly reduces contamination after touching meats or even messy foods. There is no need to touch the tool while preparing or cooking foods.  The soap dispenses in a perfect quantity simply into the palm of the hand.  A blue light signal shows that the dispenser is working.  There are no drips.

The clean white design is both stylish and practical.  The dispenser works with four AAA batteries, which are easily installed.  The large soap tank is easily filled or re-filled with either soap or hand sanitizer.

This is a perfect gift for someone with a new kitchen, or for anyone who loves to cook.



For more information, please follow this link to find this product by Simple One:

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