summer garden fun

Living in Midland Michigan gives me the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful gardens in the State on a weekly basis.  Summer in these gardens is filled with concerts and other activities for people of all ages.  The beautiful flowers and green background of old trees and landscape designs is such a treat for anyone who visits.  And, I have not even mentioned the lovely streams, mulched pathways, or the specialty gardens of roses, herbs, annuals, perennials and vegetables.  The gardens feature the Dow ‘red’ on attractive bridges as well as sculpture and other art from past festivals.

This summer, the gardens are displaying  Ribbit the Exhibit.  This exhibit is more than cute.  It is beyond words, as the frogs and their expressions are so adorable.  About 20 frogs, which range from five to seven feet tall are located throughout the gardens. The frogs are sculpted from copper and have been made by J. A. Cobb.  The exhibit has been traveling from city to city, as the frogs ride a special bus to their destination.  Children and adults have fun locating them in different areas of the garden.  Some are my favorites are the frog on a swing, the frog meditating, and the frog mowing the lawn.

Come visit them this summer in Michigan.  The gardens and the sculptures are wonderful.

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