We are in the middle of summer and today is projected to be another hot summer day.  As I am considering what to prepare for the week ahead, I had to reflect back to one of the best tasting chilled soups I have ever ordered in a restaurant.

Last month, we were in Charlevoix Michigan and visited Stafford’s Weathervane Restaurant. Besides being a classic landmark, as the restaurant began as a grist mill, the view of the Pine River Channel is simply lovely.  The channel allows for many different types of vessels to pass through from Lake Charlevoix to Lake Michigan.  This waterway is always busy, and so much fun to dine either inside or out and watch the boat traffic.

Seated on the deck outside for our lunch, I ordered the chilled cherry soup.  The soup was a blend of sour and sweet cherries, yogurt, rum and brandy.  Perhaps it was the rum and brandy that gave the soup its’ amazing flavor. I am smiling now.

So, I have been searching my cookbooks and recipes online for one recipe that will match what I tasted that day.  So far, I have found many recipes which include directions for cooking the cherries on the stovetop, and adding a variety of ingredients.  Some include lemon juice, lime juice, buttermilk, sour cream, cream, yogurt, and even white wine.  So, I think I am going to have to experiment on my own and find that perfect blend.

All I know is cherry season is here in Michigan, and this should be a fun experiment.  Let me know if you have a great recipe for cherry soup.  By the way, the baked Brie was also excellent if you happen to visit the Weathervane.



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