Today feels like Fall in Michigan.  The cooler temperatures have been here for a few days now in Midland, and I am going to be spending the next few days cleaning up my garden beds.

I have Hosta to divide and perennials to prune back.  I have begun to harvest my herbs and feel like my garden is already getting ready to go to sleep.  By the time the leaves are falling, I like to have many of my beds cleaned up, so my focus can be on leaf collection and end of the season lawn maintenance.

I received a new pair of pruners to test and review for my blog.  They are the #EzyPruners ratchet pruning shears.  The pruners are able to trim branches up to one inch in thickness.  The ratcheting mechanism allows for the shears to move as needed and reduce the need for squeezing so hard to cut the branches. I often struggle with typical bypass pruners, as I have to work so hard to get them to cut through thicker branches.  These EzyPruners are working wonderfully for me today.

The pruners are great from trimming flower branches from my perennials, trimming back the dead perennials, and even for some stray branches on my roses and shrubs.

I love the red handle on my pruners, as it makes them very easy to see when I am in my beds working.  I often lay down my tools and then look around on the ground to pick them up again.  I like the bright red handle as this tool is easy to spot.  The handle is cushioned for comfort.

The blade is super sharp and is made of high carbon steel.  This construction also prevents sap from sticking to the blade and requiring additional clean up.

For more information on this product, please follow this link:



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