Sweet Annie garden wreath

A couple of weeks ago I was gifted a fresh bundle of Sweet Annie, an herb also known as annual wormwood.  The plant is a variety of Artemisia with fern-like foliage. Sweet Annie has long been used for making dried wreaths, arrangements, sachets and decades ago, simply for hanging to deter insects.

I happen to be very lucky to know a horticulturist who tends an herb garden for education and display in my hometown.  When I work with her, I learn so much about plants, their history and usage. I watched as a fellow Master Gardener worked with some Sweet Annie in the garden fashioning it into a wreath.  I decided to try it myself at home.

I chose to use a wire frame and gently misted the plant material to help it form into a circular wreath.  I cut the lengths of plant material in 6-7 inch lengths and then wired them and laid them on top of each other.  The garden wire is green and easily hides into the wreath.  I continued around the frame until I admired the look of the design.

I have the wreath hanging on my garage door which greats me every day as I access my home.  The fragrance of this plant is lovely and has stayed for quite a while after hanging.

Other ideas for combining Sweet Annie would be to add yarrow, dried herbs, such as: sage, tarragon, lavender, or even Chinese lanterns which also are prevalent this time of year.

So, here is another way to enjoy the garden after harvest.


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