sweet and salty pretzels

We had a rainy Halloween night here in Michigan.  So, we had fewer than expected Trick or Treaters, which was a bit sad.  Just like so many things from years ago, I feel that this American tradition is going to be extinct soon.

However, in the past few weeks, I have still managed to keep the fun of Halloween alive in our home.  After my husband commented that he loved chocolate dipped pretzels one day in the Sanders store near Ann Arbor, I decided to make some of my own.

By simply using some white chocolate melted over a double boiler, I dipped the ends of pretzels, and decorated with some holiday decors.  I could have done the whole bag, even though it is a bit time-consuming dipping one by one.  I used waxed paper and allowed them to dry.  The pretzels dried within an hour and I was able to bag them for a couple of friends as well.

This was very fun and I would recommend for any holiday.  I have made some other pretzel snacks in the past, and they always seem to be well-liked by everyone.

Ours were quickly gobbled up, so be sure to make a big batch, because they are quite delicious.







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