For a couple of years I have seen photos of different mummy cupcake designs either on the Internet or in food magazines.  I decided to try them out this year for a quick sweet treat.

I used a box cake mix to make some carrot cake cupcakes.  I made only 12, and used the other half of the mix to prepare and bake a single layer cake.  I usually do that to freeze ahead for another occasion.

I used some white chocolate melted over a double boiler to ice the cupcakes for a base coat.  I allowed them to dry for about and hour, and then frosted with a #48 tip and pastry bag filled with white buttercream icing.

I use a simple recipe of 5 tablespoons softened unsalted butter, mixed with 1 1/4 cups confectioner’s sugar, 1/2 tablespoon orange extract, and 1 or more tablespoons of half and half.  I start with a small amount of the half and half and then just add a drop or two to get the right consistency of the icing.

Pipe the icing on in stripes like a mummy wrap.  I do refrigerate these cupcakes after placing them into cupcake wrappers for serving.  I do not bake my cupcakes in the wrapper, but place them into the wrappers just for the presentation.  I found the candy eyes at a local craft’s store.  The eyes can be purchased online as well in different sizes.

Fun to make, and fun to eat for Halloween.  Here is another way to keep Halloween alive in your home if you choose to celebrate.


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