A week ago we traveled to Disney’s Epcot to experience the Food and Wine Festival which is celebrated each year for several weeks during the Fall.  We had a wonderful time experiencing the countries around the World, as well as many terrific restaurants throughout the various parks.  We did make reservations in advance, because it was a busy time of year for adults. We did see many younger children, but nothing like when taking a trip to Disney during the summer months.

I wanted to share some of the desserts that are featured during the Fall that are especially Disney.  Almost at every turn, there is a bakery with seasonal Mickey treats.  I have been to Orlando 8 times for visits over the years, and three times to Disneyland.

However, I have never been during the Fall season.  The bakeries are filled with caramel apples, Rice Krispie treats, marshmallow treats, and beautifully decorated Fall sugar cookies.  Yum.  Here are some photos to enjoy and inspire for your next year’s Fall baking.


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