Holiday baking

For many years I have used a variety of objects to test my cakes and breads to be certain they were totally baked before removing from the oven.  Often recipes give a range of baking times based on a variety of oven temperatures which may or may not be totally accurate in every home.

For essential professional baking, it is important to have a thermometer to test the actual temperature of any oven used for baking delicate pastries or other baked goods.

In reality, most home cooks just guess, and often use a cake tester to see if the middle of their product is dry and fully cooked.  Finally, I found a really cute cake tester.  I guess only a “true foodie” would really get excited about finding a cake tester with a very cute gingerbread house on the top.

I love this cake tester, and I purchased it at Crate and Barrel this year online from one of their seasonal catalogs.

So cute, so fun, and just the right thickness not to damage my breads or cakes.  And, it certainly helps me to determine that I have baked my recipes to perfection.


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