Specialty chocolate for a Valentine celebration

Are you thinking about a special gift for your Valentine?  I know one of my favorite gifts is always chocolate.

I was so happy this past Christmas when a dear friend sent us a box of Holl’s chocolates from Vienna West Virginia.  These chocolates are made from a family business in a small West Virginia town.  They are Swiss chocolates, made from raw chocolate purchased from Switzerland.

It is obvious when tasting these chocolates, what the excitement is about.  The taste is both creamy and rich with flavor.  The other difference is that Swiss chocolate is fashioned with less sugar content.  That technique lends to the smooth and full flavor of the chocolate during tasting.

Each box comes with a guide to the description of each piece of chocolate.  They are freshly made and gift recipients are encouraged to eat within two weeks of purchase.  I loved every piece I tasted and think this would be a great gift for your Valentine.  For more information, please follow this link:  https://www.holls.com/


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