Serving cheese

Pleasing presentation during entertaining has been encouraged for years by entertaining experts.  Presenting food in an appealing way actually encourages the overall interest for the food, including taste and food satisfaction.

I often consider what is the best plate, platter or tray to display appetizers or cheese for guests.  I was thrilled to receive a lovely new cheese plate for Christmas from my son and his wife.  I collect Emma Bridgewater china from England, and this cheese platter was a perfect addition to our home collection for entertaining.

One of the basic concepts for cheese and fruit platter presentation is allowing enough room around the cheeses to allow for complimentary flavors and tastes from other foods. With this in mind, it is very clear that a larger platter is a better choice for cheese tasting. This platter design includes the names of cheese in a lettered design layout. For any cheese platter presentation, use a few simple rules.

To start:  Choose an odd number of wedges for the platter. Add complimentary tastes with fruit, honey, crusty bread, or nuts.

Place the cheese in a circle, with the mildest cheese at the top and continue around the platter.  Choose cheese based on region of the World or just from America.  Too many types is overwhelming.  Stay with two or three types.   And consider the texture and the type of cheese.  Consider a theme.

Invest in a good set of cheese knives.  They make a huge difference. And finally, pair with a delicious choice of wines.

Cheese is a perfect appetizer or light bite for almost any occasion.  And having a cute platter makes it even more fun to share with others.


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