The Academy Awards will be on television in just over one week, and when planning your Oscar party menu, here is one appetizer that will soon become a favorite for your guests.


This is an easy recipe and the options can be changed up to include different flavor profiles very quickly.  And, depending on how many guests expected, just increase the number of ingredients.  It is that simple.  For today’s recipe, I used two boneless chicken breasts, sliced into cubes. I then wrapped each cube with one-third slice of bacon, topped with a teaspoon of Stonewall Kitchen Chutney.  I secured each appetizer with a pick, and placed on a sheet pan lined with a Silpat mat to bake.  In a pre-heated oven, bake the appetizers for 15-20 minutes until the bacon and chicken are fully cooked.  The chutney gives this appetizer a delicious caramelized taste and will keep your guests coming back for more on the platter.


These appetizers can be displayed on a serving dish lined with flat lettuce leaves, shredded lettuce, or kale.  Having a green backdrop makes them very appealing.

By changing the flavor of the jam, the appetizer can be different every time.



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