Salt from West Virginia

A friend from Charleston mailed me a jar of J.Q. Dickinson salt and I have been experimenting ever since it arrived by mail.  The company’s family trade began more than 200 years ago in Malden and has been recently revived as a new salt-works business.  Back in the 1850’s, the Kanawha Valley was known as the largest salt producing region of the United States.

The beautifully packaged salt is  first of all so attractive, and completely compelling as it takes only a couple of grains to make any dish come alive. For someone who is always looking at reducing salt intake, this product allows for outstanding taste satisfaction with minimal product needed.  Plus adding salt to a dish early in the cooking process often causes the dish to mask the salt requiring even more which leads to excess intake.

This salt can be used just as the dish is ready to be served and suddenly the taste has been elevated and the flavor profile has been raised to perfection.  Try a finishing salt on freshly roasted vegetables, grilled potatoes, any greens, and even strawberries, chocolate or a caramel dessert.  Every one of these options will cause your guests to wonder what have I been missing all of these years.


To read more about the J. Q. Dickinson salt works, please follow this link:

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