Gourmet food shopping

On a recent trip through Charlotte, North Carolina, we shopped at our favorite gourmet store — Dean and Deluca. The entire store has expanded into a lovely restaurant, enlarged store from our last trip, and a wine shop. Although I often order from their mail order, actually visiting one of their few shops is really a treat.

If I lived nearby, I am sure you could find me there on a regular basis as the shop includes everything from bakery items, chocolate, gourmet pastas, deli items, cheeses, an amazing selection of chocolate and tea. Those are some of my favorites, but the list goes on.

I love the look of this shop, as well as the attention to keeping the shelves fully stocked. Although we have also visited their Georgetown shop in D.C. and one of their NYC locations, I think this Charlotte store is my favorite.

I stocked up on spices and other products that I usually am not able to find in Michigan. They have both an indoor and outdoor cafe which were busy and added to the great atmosphere of this location. If in Charlotte, don’t miss this one. And plan to spend a bit of time to see everything.

IMG_6640         IMG_6647


IMG_6648    IMG_6650IMG_6652

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