Pleasanton Bakery

On our last trip to Traverse City Michigan, we happened upon this amazing bakery located in the Village at Grand Traverse commons.  This is not the “run of the mill” bakery that you happen across most days. Pleasanton Bakery was voted one of the BEST bread bakeries in America, by Food and Wine magazine in 2012.

I would say that honor holds up as the character of their artisan breads is nothing short of spectacular.  The owner of this quiet establishment was trained at the French Culinary Institute and has been employed at some of the finest restaurants throughout New York City.  How lucky is Traverse City to have such an amazing person in their town!

Besides an array of bread that is sold to wholesale and retail establishments, the storefront also has croissants, Danish, savory scones, tarts, brownies and a variety of other items daily.  The wood fired brick oven, where the magic happens, holds up to 55 loaves at once.  So, this is a real business.

Every product that comes from this establishment is made with locally grown organic Michigan grain.

I would have to say that the upscale cost of their product matches the quality of the technique and the taste.  If you want the best, be prepared to pay for it.  And, after saying that, you will not be disappointed at all.

A few chairs are available in the summer months to enjoy a cookie or quick snack, but for the most part, this is a bakery with a mission to please a large audience.  For more information, begin at their website with some photos of product:




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