in love with my staub

So, I am not certain how this love affair happened.  But, over time I have collected an amazing grouping of wonderful pots that I use for cooking, roasting, and overall food preparation.

I guess it happened over a period of 25 years, and there is no way that I could replicate the array of lovely pieces I use and enjoy in my kitchen.  I say this because, I am in love with my kitchen tools.  All of them, everything that I have collected.  And, not just the pots, but the casseroles, baking dishes, serving dishes, bowls, platters, and all of my utensils.

So, why another pot?  Well, I did not have a Staub pot.  My Emile Henry and my Le Creuset pots were amazing, but this Staub pot combines technology with the classic enameled cast iron “one pot” cooking performance.  The pot gives every dish a non-stick environment within which to cook, but it provides a self-basting surround that enhances flavor and food satisfaction. I have read about these pots for years.


Chefs from around the world use Staub.  And, this year, a collection of white pots were introduced.  That is when I fell in love.  A white pot for my white kitchen.  Yes please–with white enamel that glistens and has the look of a new shiny sports car.

And so the story goes, another new pot will be baptized soon and brought into the fold of the others.  To be used and admired, to be appreciated and praised, and to pass on to those who come after me.  Staub pots are made in France and for the generations. Love. Love. Love.

To be continued….



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