Tip: preserving green onions

If you are harvesting green onions or purchasing them in the market, I recently found an amazing way to store the onions in my home refrigerator.

I seem to always have an endless battle with green onions if I don’t use them promptly within a couple of days of purchase.  The green ends shrivel into weak blades of grass, and my hand-picked green onions can’t be used as I intended in many of my dishes.

So, here is the tip to keep your onions super fresh for weeks.  Yes, weeks. I unwrapped these onions after almost two weeks in my vegetable bin and they look as fresh as the day I placed them in there for storage.  Wrap in plastic straight from the garden or market. I do not wash the ones from the market at all until I use them.  Then, the secret is to wrap that plastic package in aluminum foil tightly. Total preservation.

Amazing and I know this tip will help many of you who did not know the secret.  After discarding shriveled onions for more than 30 years, I finally found the proper storage method. This method works for celery too.  I do clean the celery before storage.


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