Garden trip: Japanese garden

Last month we visited the Frederik Meijer gardens in Grand Rapids Michigan.  A new Japanese garden installation was completed last year and covers eight acres of the space, which also includes a variety of other gardens, a conservatory, greenhouse and other educational gardening spaces.


We were most interested in seeing the Japanese garden this year, as it has been in the works for over four years.  The plantings, bridges, waterfalls, sculpture, and other water features were simply beautiful. Now, remember, these plants have only had one year to take hold, and as every gardener knows, it takes some time for the “look” of an established garden to be solidified.


Nevertheless, the style, design, pathways, and overall idea and concept of this garden is very well planned and executed.  The bridges were lovely, with lily pad overlooks.  The tea house was intricately placed within the garden, and the overlook of the entire garden was also quite nicely thought through and built.

As just one feature of the Meijer gardens, this Japanese garden is something special to enjoy and appreciate.  From the rocks and boulders that line the water, to the Zen and bonsai gardens, there are so many unique features to this garden to enjoy and celebrate.


If you visit, leave enough time to also enjoy the other areas of the Meijer gardens, including the carnivorous plant exhibit and the Gwen Frostic shade garden — Such a nice tribute to a lovely Michigan artist who loved and created her art based on plant and animals.



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