So my foodie expedition continues in Chicago, and my excitement could almost not be contained when we walked from our hotel to Eataly.  It is difficult not be become an active food participant when you enter this one city block establishment, which expands to two stories. Not only can you purchase fresh food, staples, pantry items, sweets, watch food being prepared, but Eataly has a wine shop, homemade brews, restaurant service, and a meat and fish counter. This is one amazing place to spend some time. Everyone who appreciates food preparation needs to visit this store.


We decided to shop and eat on our first trip. So midway through our late morning of shopping, we stopped to have a Neapolitan-style pizza which was made from authentic ingredients from the region of Campania. The wood-fired ovens prepare the pizzas in 1-2 minutes with the crust being soft and elastic–and OH so tasty.  We enjoyed the buffalo mozzarella, the fresh basil and our arugula salad with a lemon vinaigrette dressing. The classic Pizza Margherita was named for the Queen of Italy when she visited Naples in the late 1800’s.  To recreate this in a home kitchen, the base for the pizza would commonly today be known as a flatbread.

IMG_7720             IMG_7714

The atmosphere for dining in several locations throughout the store could be described as busy, loud, energetic, and filled with a community of activity.  From my seat, I could watch fresh bread being sold as well as active shoppers throughout the open marketplace within the store.  Pizza, pasta, fish, vegetables, meat and cheese could all be purchased in various eating spots throughout the second floor of Eataly. The open Italian market feel is continued throughout the store.


Tomorrow I will share my Eataly shopping experience.



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