So a visit to Chicago must include a visit to Garrett’s Popcorn shops. This popcorn has been a tradition since 1949. With ten locations all over the city and two booths at O’Hare Airport, it has become a very popular stop for residents as well as visitors to the city.


We made it to three locations during our visit and totally appreciate the air popped quality of the large kernels of freshly popped corn.  The signature recipe that gives the ultimate high quality taste and flavor to the corn makes this the best popcorn I have ever tasted.


For real foodies, this is a must stop on the list when visiting the area.  Flavors offered included:  buttery, cheese corn, caramel crisp, cashew caramel crisp, pecan caramel crisp, almond caramel crisp, macadamia caramel crisp, and then seasonal flavors of mild and dark chocolate caramel crisp, pumpkin spice caramel crisp, and mixes of these flavors. They even featured strawberry popcorn for this summer.


The secret family recipe includes blending the flavors in old-fashioned copper kettles fresh and warm all day for sale to the customers.  Every bag is packed fresh while you wait. We purchased the buttery and the cheese corn flavors and enjoyed them for our entire trip.

Garrett’s have also opened shops in New York, Las Vegas, Atlanta and even now in Novi, Michigan. With their hashtag of #LoveIsMessy, remember to have a napkin with you as you enjoy your bag.



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