Probably the best part of visiting a big city is the realization that entire stores are devoted to products that I love for cooking and food preparation.  The selection in these stores always impresses me, along with the ability to see everything in such a neat and spectacular display. On our recent trip to Chicago, I was once again amazed by the beautiful presentation of Le Creuset in a shop right next to Eataly.

IMG_8692     IMG_8693

Within walking distance from our hotel, I loved my visit to this store and totally took my time looking at all of the products on display.  I have collected Le Creuset for more than 20 years and have a number of cast iron pots, ceramic bakeware, tools, trivets, enamel tea kettles, and other kitchen accessories that I use weekly in my home.  The long-lasting qualities of this brand and the enduring appeal to home cooks has kept me attracted for years.


This shop was stunning with new products and the ability to really see and appreciate the qualities, colors and offerings from the company.  It was a real treat to spend some time in this store.  If in Chicago, don’t miss it.

IMG_8689    IMG_8691



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