Now expanding their range of stores and sales locations, Sugarfina is easier to come by these days.  Sold now at many Nordstrom stores, the Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons hotels among many other boutiques, their stand-alone stores are not the only place to find this delicious sugar candy.  Imported from France, Germany, Holland, and Greece with many flavors made in the USA as well, these treats are super tasty.  The packaging is also upscale and really perfect for gifts.  The wall of candy we found in Chicago was so beautiful and perfectly displayed. Advertised as candy for adults, some of their flavors have alcohol based treats with cocktails as a sub-category of selection. They also have licorice, chocolate, gummys and marshmallows.

Sugarfina has been in the public eye for at least four years, but it was the first time I had been to a shop where there was more than a few boxes.  The Chicago Nordstrom’s has a large lower level space devoted to the shop with the ability of choosing almost every flavor of the brand.

IMG_7868   IMG_7879

With flavors of champagne bubbles, baby champagne bears, and peach Bellini, the store has been more than successful. Some flavors are wait-listed and others are so popular, it is difficult to keep them in stock.  We found that many types of candy and chocolate were celebrated in Chicago with a variety of stand alone shops filled with customers every day we visited. I will feature some others in the coming days on this blog.

IMG_7869   IMG_7877

This brand by far was my favorite. And, one that I recommend to try when you see it.


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