Bakery visit–Holland Michigan

A few months ago, we visited the lovely town of Holland Michigan.  The city is truly inviting with a downtown filled with cute shops, boutiques, and amazing restaurants. And there is no excuse not to visit during the winter months, as the sidewalks and streets are heated to remove all snow and ice!  Amazing!

On our visit, we were especially impressed with the Alpen Rose Bakery. I love to visit local small town coffee shops and bakeries, where I often find some of the best cakes, cookies and pastries. Alpen Rose was not only a great place to eat, but had a great selection of European treats.  The decor is inspired by the Alpine culture and enviroment and was casual and very inviting.  We visited the bakery one afternoon, and then returned for breakfast the next morning.

Some of the treats featured at this cute bakery included muffins, scones, fruit turnovers, cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, cookies, bars and brownies, and of course cakes and tortes. If you are near Grand Rapids, please don’t forget to drive a few more miles to Holland and stop by the Alpen Rose. I can’t wait to visit again.


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