Cookbook review: Cooking for Jeffrey

Ina Garten’s tenth book was released at the end of last year, and it was dedicated to cooking for her husband Jeffrey.  Beginning with the introduction to the book and continuing with each chapter, Ina shares photos and stories of her love of cooking, her business, and her life with her husband. Included in the book is a list of Jeffrey’s all time favorite dinners, suggestions for items to stock in a pantry, as well as selected tools for a starter kitchen or for a professional kitchen.

As with any of Ina’s books, the colorful food photography is lovely and her down to earth instructions are charming. So many of the dishes just beg to be prepared, as the ingredient combinations sound delicious.

Thankful to receive this book as a Christmas gift, I will be cooking this year from the pages and sharing with my family and friends. Like Ina, I agree that cooking for others is what cooking is all about–sharing the love and the community of meals.


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