Summer smores

Memorial Day is in the rear view mirror now, and we are ready for summer fun and summer treats.  We tried this technique over the weekend, and really enjoyed the taste and texture of these summer smores ice cream treats.

I used waffle cone ice cream cups in a bowl and a large scoop of chocolate ice cream to begin the recipe.  Next, I crushed graham crackers and sprinkled them over the top of the chocolate ice cream.

To finish the smores treats, I used mini marshmallows to surround the chocolate ice cream.  And then, with my butane culinary torch, flamed the marshmallows for a quick and easy toasted marshmallow result. Totally yummy!

The classic summer smores taste is really evident with the chocolate ice cream flavor, the delicious toasted marshmallows and the graham cracker sprinkles.

Of course, whipped cream could even be added to make this an extra special summer treat in a bowl.

This was a twist on a classic recipe that was equally tasty.  And if your picnic barbecue happens to be rained out this year and the grill can’t be used, try this idea to keep your party goers happy.

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