Cookbook review: Food Swings

Jessica Seinfeld has a new cookbook and it does not disappoint.  Her food swings concept is one that most everyone struggles with on a daily basis.  Should I keep to my list of good food choices or is today the day that I can treat myself to something fun and really amazing?

Her new cookbook covers all the options.  One half of the book is devoted totally to the virtues of cooking, with recipes that are dairy free, gluten free and better for you in the overall concept of eating.

Whereas the second half of the book is filled with comfort food and so called vices, for any time of day, including breakfast ideas through dessert options.

Some of the first recipes I am trying are: spinach eggs, breakfast toast, lemon thyme milk braised chicken with spinach, ginger salmon with sesame cucumbers, and roasted spaghetti squash with almonds, cinnamon and sage.

And it will be only a matter of time that I can resist making several choices from the Vice section of the book, including rigatoni alla vodka, salad with crispy prosciutto and fresh mozzarella, and finally the meringue cake with raspberry sauce.

With more than 125 recipes that sound super yummy, I can’t wait to begin to share some of these with you right here on the blog.  I am already giving this book a thumbs up for summer going right into fall with great ideas to share with your family and friends.

Every recipe has a nice color photo and lots of tips to make the easy preparation go smoothly.  Jessica is a home cook and not a chef, so this cookbook is an easy read and fun for everyone.



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