Recently I was introduced to a new way to easily transport everything I need for a summer picnic, outdoor concert or for a trip to the lake.  The new SMART CART has smooth rolling wheels for easy maneuvering over a variety of outdoor surfaces.

It is waterproof in case of spills and weighs less than three pounds, but will hold up to 110 pounds of food or supplies for the trip.  I love the front pocket for those items needed quickly and even better, the whole cart folds down to a 2″ size for easy storage.  The long handle is super easy to use and has an ergonomic curve.

This style of cart is made for foodies who are ready to travel and want to take everything with them.  I was even able to pack my picnic blanket inside of the cart with fruit, cheese, bread, snacks, beverages and so much more.

SMART CART is made by dbest products which was featured on Shark Tank.  This company offers a variety of other terrific products, including pet carriers, dollys, trolly dollys, backpacks and more.  Check them out online for more information at:

Smart Cart


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