Summer grilling and barbecue season has been wonderful these past few weeks in Michigan.  The weather has been lovely minus one weekend which showered us with an above average amount of rain.  However, yesterday was absolutely beautiful for the 4th of July.

I have been truly enjoying a new product from the Charcoal Companion which makes the process of marinating and managing the barbecue grilling station so effortless.  The two trays nest perfectly for storage in my grill cabinet.  In addition, the trays are marked for keeping the raw and cooked foods separate, to eliminate any confusion during the process. The trays are large and the cover easily moves between the trays for chilled storage while marinating. Since the trays are not glass, they will never shatter during outside food manipulation on the grill.

I used a delicious marinade yesterday for the chicken with the grill station set.

The grill station set is perfectly sized for all types of foods and makes the process easy to manage when taking food from the refrigerator to the barbecue grill.

After the cooking is complete, the other container is clean and ready to use to transport the food for serving and keeping warm with the perfectly sized lid.

One of the best new products on the market from the Charcoal Companion can be found online at Target or  Check it out for your next outdoor barbecue.


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