My Favorite candy — M & M’s

For years, I have loved M & M’s.  Probably because my last name begins with an M, or maybe because I graduated from the University of Michigan, or maybe just because I live in the state of Michigan — for whatever reason I have always enjoyed this candy treat.

I wanted to spotlight this candy, as I recently read a story about some interesting facts in the Food network magazine. Did you know that M & M’s were created 76 years ago for soldiers during World War II?  Did you know that Mr. Forrest Mars, of Mars candy fame, created the candy coating to protect the chocolate from melting? Did you know that the candy was first sold in brown paper wrappers?

I also learned that M & M’s, at the request of the Columbia space shuttle mission astronauts in 1981, was the first candy to rocket into space. Since then, the candy has been on all 135 missions until 2011, when the shuttle program changed.

My good friend, who knows my love for the candy, recently painted some rocks for me so that I could always have M & M’s around my house.  I love their cheerful look and these happen to be the low-calorie version.  If you haven’t seen some of the newer flavors lately, be sure to check them out.  M & M’s are now offered in coffee flavors, pretzel, crispy, peanut butter, and even dark chocolate.

They “melt in your mouth, and not in your hand.”

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