Roasted corn on the cob

We are still using our backyard grill, even though the temperatures are certainly changing in Michigan.  I can’t give up this easy and delicious way to make roasted corn on the cob.

The secret to this method is using ice cubes.  Yes, ice cubes.  I have found that corn on the cob, which has been roasted is so flavorful and delicious that I cannot go back to boiled corn on the stove-top.

Simply use heavy duty foil and with a double thickness, wrap the cleaned corn on the cob with a couple of medium sized ice cubes and a pat of margarine.  Wrap the ends very tightly, so the moisture does not leak out and place on medium direct heat on the grill.

Gently move the corn around during the cooking time, which is 25 minutes.  Be careful when unwrapping the corn, as steam will escape.  Those ice cubes keep the corn moist and tender and prevent burning.

I love this corn on the cob and could serve it every night.  There are few more Fall evenings where corn is plentiful and the temperatures are still warm enough to be doing some outdoor cooking in Michigan.  Don’t miss out and try this technique.

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