Easy Entertaining with Hormel foods

Hormel foods provided me with a sampling of the popular Hormel Gatherings trays in exchange for a review of their product this past month.

So, this past weekend was filled with many college and pro football games as well as family visits for Thanksgiving, so it was a perfect time to share with everyone and gather their reactions.

The party trays are nicely assembled with a variety of meats, cheese, crackers and even olives.  Trays are neatly organized, keeping the various foods separate for party presentation.  It was easy to remove the items and place on my own oval platter or if desired, could have been left on the tray for easy serving.

Our family enjoyed the Sargento Colby Jack and Cheddar cheese slices as they were the perfect bite size for snacking. The Hormel salami and pepperoni slices were equally nicely prepared and easy to serve with the cracker selection. Putting together this tray shortened the overall time spent with appetizer preparation for the party. Hormel had done the work for me in slicing the meats and cheese, along with organizing the platter selections. I did not have to wait in line at the deli to choose my cheeses.  The platter was ready to go and in the chilled “already ready” section at the market.

I served this meat and cheese appetizer tray with some vegetables and herb dip, as well as some homemade party mix to complete the appetizer table.  Small bowls of pickles, and the olives, which were included in the Hormel gatherings tray, added to the table selections.

Everyone loved the appetizer table including a toddler who was excited to also have bite sized food perfect for his afternoon snack.  It was easy to refill the platter as needed, with no further preparation time required to keep the food replenished.

If game day parties or holiday entertaining is on the schedule for the coming months, I would certainly recommend Hormel’s Gathering trays for party planning.  They are ready-made and will help keep the game day entertaining stress level very low and under control.  #Hormelfoods  #partytrays  #gameday  #gamedaygathering  #party  #appetizer #football  #partytips




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