The best recipes are those that can be manipulated into personal tastes and preferences. This is one of those recipes.  There are so many alternatives to these cookies that every time they are baked, they can be a bit different.  I found the base recipe from a Better Homes and Gardens special interest publication titled “Recipes Your Way.” I mixed and matched the ingredients and came up with this terrific combination and delicious cookie.

Here is how I made these cookies last week:   Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.  In my Kitchen Aid stand mixer, I added 1 cup softened unsalted butter and 1 cup brown sugar with 1/2 cup sugar.  I creamed the butter and gradually added the sugar until smooth.  Next I added 1 teaspoon baking soda, and 1 teaspoon cinnamon with 1/2 teaspoon salt.  Then, I added 2 eggs with 1 teaspoon vanilla and continued to blend the ingredients in the mixer.

Next, I added 1 1/2 cups flour, spooning in slowing to incorporate into the dough.  Then I mixed in 3 cups of cooking oats and 1 cup of butterscotch baking pieces. My Kitchen Aid was able to incorporate all of the ingredients nicely. Here is a photo of some other options that could be used in the cookies instead of the butterscotch baking pieces.

Using a small cookie scoop, I placed on cookie sheets covered with parchment paper.  I baked these cookies around 12-13 minutes until they were lightly browned.  These are very tasty cookies with this combination of ingredients.

Other choices would include, using another spice instead of cinnamon, such as allspice or pumpkin pie spice.  Another option is using a different flavor for the cookies instead of vanilla, try coconut or maple.  Many options could be chosen for the stir ins, such as chocolate chips, coconut, M and M’s, nuts or even dried fruits.  The combinations are endless.

So the lesson learned is by having a great cookie dough, making cookies “your way” can be easily achieved.


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