Flowers in the garden

Mid-Michigan is still experiencing chilly days even though our Spring flowers are blooming.  Today it is only in the 40’s, and we are expecting rain.  My garden is producing a spectacular display of flowers this year, perhaps because it is aging.

We moved to this home ten years ago this coming Fall.  Just saying that sentence is difficult for me to believe, as the time has passed so quickly.  However, when I walk about my yard and garden, it is easy to understand.  So many of the very small plants that I planted in 2008, 2009, and 2010 are growing into loving blooming shrubs, colorful ground covers, classic plantings and interesting additions to my surroundings.

Each one has a story, came from a certain plant nursery, plant sale or a new Michigan friend. I even have a tree from a friend from West Virginia who visited me and brought me a sapling the first Winter.  I remember being hesitant to even put it into the ground, but it is growing into a lovely Japanese Maple today. I received seeds from other WV friends and those flowers have grown into beautiful plants as well.  Some of my plants I have lost along the way, but somehow others have crept in to cover up the open spots.

I often say that I have a Spring garden because I like my garden the best this time of year. I have many plants, shrubs and bulbs that bloom and flower throughout the Summer and Fall, but it is the Spring season that makes me the happiest.  Coming through a cold Winter and realizing that the perennials with a story will be back to greet me just makes gardening all worthwhile.

One of my favorite ground covers has to be Lily of the Valley.  I took a clump from my mother’s garden in 2009 and placed it in a featured spot near my front entrance, that is now filled with my bridal bouquet flower every Spring. The entire bed is almost completed covered in Lily of the Valley.  It has woven around the Virginia bluebells, the varying sized hosta, the lirope, and the English ivy. My blue periwinkle is a sea of blue around the front perimeter of my property. I planted a few small clumps here and there and somehow it became a lovely border.

My herbs are growing and my fenced garden has been cleaned and cleared from the winter leaf cover.  Now to make my planting list for the summer patch of edibles.

Here are some photos of my flowering trees and shrubs, along with other Spring plants in bloom. I did not plant my garden to be a showcase, so don’t look for anything spectacular. This is just a garden where I have learned to understand the beauty of the seasons. And I appreciate the smallest and the most delicate plants, hoping to see them again every Spring.

summer garden fun

Living in Midland Michigan gives me the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful gardens in the State on a weekly basis.  Summer in these gardens is filled with concerts and other activities for people of all ages.  The beautiful flowers and green background of old trees and landscape designs is such a treat for anyone who visits.  And, I have not even mentioned the lovely streams, mulched pathways, or the specialty gardens of roses, herbs, annuals, perennials and vegetables.  The gardens feature the Dow ‘red’ on attractive bridges as well as sculpture and other art from past festivals.

This summer, the gardens are displaying  Ribbit the Exhibit.  This exhibit is more than cute.  It is beyond words, as the frogs and their expressions are so adorable.  About 20 frogs, which range from five to seven feet tall are located throughout the gardens. The frogs are sculpted from copper and have been made by J. A. Cobb.  The exhibit has been traveling from city to city, as the frogs ride a special bus to their destination.  Children and adults have fun locating them in different areas of the garden.  Some are my favorites are the frog on a swing, the frog meditating, and the frog mowing the lawn.

Come visit them this summer in Michigan.  The gardens and the sculptures are wonderful.