shrimp salad

are you tired of chicken salad or tuna salad? if so, here is a great recipe for shrimp salad that is wonderful for quick summer dinners. I use pre-cleaned and cooked shrimp and cut each one into thirds. use only enough shrimp that will be consumed at the meal.

then, I add a variety of vegetables based on what I have on hand. choices include, celery, cucumber without the seeds, tomatoes without the seeds, green or black olive slices, green onions or sliced red onion and either green or red peppers. then, add your choice of a mayo dressing with herbs or a mayo dressing thinned with some lemon juice.

add dressing to the mixture as desired. serve either in a lettuce cup, on a roll or a croissant. for those who don’t like mayo based dressings, an italian dressing could be substituted.

this salad is made with all fresh ingredients.

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