for the past few months, i have been watching allen smith’s new series on the create network.  it has been based on his most recent cookbook, seasonal recipes from the garden.  what i enjoy about allen, is that he grows so many wonderful things in his southern garden, and then steps into his kitchen and prepares very simple but beautifully presented dishes.

i just had to order his cookbook from and when it arrived this past week, i was very pleased.  the cookbook is divided into sections based on the seasons and the fresh vegetables available.  the glossy pages are filled with beautiful photographs, and so many fabulous recipes.

many of the recipes are very familiar to me, as i have watched allen prepare them on television.  what doesn’t come across in the book is his spectacular flower, herb and vegetable gardens which he presents on his series.  the perfect gardens are amazing at his home. 

so, if you are thinking about adding a new cookbook to your library, i highly recommend this one. and, i recommend watching allen on his syndicated and public television shows.


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