crisp and fresh are these sugar snap peas when combined with tasty leeks and sliced prosciutto.  stir fried quickly in a saute pan, this side dish comes together easily and fast for any weekday dinner.

the sugar snap peas are not only crisp, but bright green when fully cooked in a matter of minutes.  i really don’t like limp vegetables, so have always looked for great side dish recipes that keep the greens bright and flavorful.

to make this recipe:  snip off the ends of the peas with kitchen shears made specially for vegetables. clean and rinse the peas.  brown the sliced prosciutto, amount decided by preference, in a saute pan with a drop of olive oil.  stir and cook for less than five minutes until done.  add one large sliced and fully cleaned leek and stir fry adding seasonings to taste.  i used kosher salt and red pepper flakes.  next, add the peas and toss them thoroughly until heated and warmed to serve.

enjoy this exceptional side dish with your next dinner guests.


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