iced tea granita


one of the best ways to cool down from the hot summer sunshine takes a little advance planning.   when making iced tea the next time, use an ice-cube tray and make frozen iced tea cubes.

when the cubes are frozen, crush them in a blender and serve yourself a frozen iced tea granita.  with most granitas, the slushy iced mixture has to be stirred until the right consistency every hour or so for the right texture.  with this technique, i think the granita is just perfect.

i think this beverage could be adapted to iced lemonade or even iced coffee granita.

my cuisinart blender worked perfectly and crushed about 8 cubes to make this drink. better than typical iced tea and fun to eat with a spoon.

summer sunshine will be welcome when frosty granitas are available.


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  1. TacosAndTea says:

    I’ve thought about doing this, I just don’t have an ice cube tray! I will need to buy one, because I absolutely love iced tea!


  2. so the blender crushed the iced tea cubes without breaking… looks delicious and refreshing. yum!


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