Garden seeds –a review

The seed catalogs have been arriving at my home for the past few weeks, and the excitement of having new plants and seeds for the Spring has begun.  The miracle of seed germination includes both hope and dreams for a beautiful flower or vegetable plant. I don’t collect many seeds from my own plants, as the harvesting and storing process can be tricky.

Also, I most often purchase new seeds every year as my garden design changes.  Most seeds can be stored for at least one year, as long as proper storage conditions are in place.  A frequent cause of lost seed viability is fluctuation in temperature.  The refrigerator is the best place to store garden seeds in wait. Moisture is also a problem for seed storage.  Seeds will begin to germinate when moistened.  It is best to store them in a glass jar or sealed container.


This past week, I was asked to review some garden seeds for gift enclosures.  The seeds are nicely packaged with cute messages for gift giving.  I was impressed with these seeds as they are certified organic non-GMO seeds.  Within this set are 10 packages of flower seeds, which include Zinnias and Delphinium in a nice flower mix.

These seeds can be sown directly outdoors in the Spring or Summer depending on the garden zone.   What a nice little gift to include in a greeting card for an upcoming special day or birthday. This is a very nice product.

For more information on Seeds of Love, please follow this link:


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