Fall is here.  Today it is has been raining in Midland, Michigan.  So I came across a recipe that I had wanted to share that was very easy and fun to make.  This recipe for mini hand pies can be adapted to the flavor profile of choice.  This was a recipe I made back in August, but it could equally be used now that the temperatures are beginning to drop.  Besides, the days going forward are perfect for baking.

The recipe begins with one sheet of thawed puff pastry dough straight from the freezer section of the market.  Using a rolling-pin, adjust the dough to make it square.  Slice into nine smaller squares.  Top each with one tablespoon of jam, any flavor, or use Nutella.

Fold each square into a triangle, sealing the edges with a ribbon of water to seal. Or, a simple egg wash could be used. (1 egg mixed with 1 tablespoon water) I also use a fork to press the edges together so none of the contents will leak out.  This is an old-fashioned method.

Bake the hand pies at 400 degrees for at least 17 minutes up to 20 minutes or when they begin to brown.  Cool.  Top with powdered sugar. So yummy.



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