i purchased these bulbs a few weeks ago and they bloomed just in time for Easter.  the small daffodils are lovely when they first open and bring the air of springtime into the room. the daffodils in my garden outdoor are just peeking through the soil, and are not this far along.  that makes this bunch even more welcome in my home.

i plan to take these outdoors when they are finished blooming and place into my garden.  i won’t trim back the greens, to allow the plants to continue to photosynthesize and feed the bulbs for next year’s bloom. it can be messy to leave the leaves, but it is so very important for flower production. it is also not recommended to tie or braid the leaves, as this is not welcome for the best plant performance.

i plan on feeding these bulbs with a spring bulb fertilizer product to encourage strength and help to nourish the plants. i like to feed my bulbs in both the spring and fall for the best blooms. Scotts makes a product that has a slow release agent for bulbs–it can be found at this link:



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