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at the age of seventeen, i started my career in nursing. i enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor to become a Registered Nurse.  probably nothing else in my life has impacted me more than that curriculum. from a very young age, i was introduced to the illness-wellness continuum. needless to say, i absorbed information there like a sponge, and have used that education for my lifetime. it was there, that i learned the importance of clean.  i understand clean vs. sterile and appreciate the significance of maintaining a healthy environment.  over the past 35 years, i have maintained a home, cared for children, and worked as a professional Registered Nurse.

currently, i have been following my passion to garden and have truly become a cooking enthusiast.  within these disciplines, it is often a challenge to keep clean. i have to say that after only a few hours in my garden, or after an afternoon of baking in my kitchen; i have plenty of cleaning to do.

within the past week, i was given the opportunity to test out The Clean Collection by Modere to review for my blog.  in this product package, i was allowed to sample an alternative to some of the traditional soaps available at the local grocery.  i, like millions of others, use the commercially available well-advertised products for dishes, clean-ups and laundry.

however, there are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, chlorine, phosphate and dye-free products readily available for consumers.  these products offer true options from the standard choices, and are manufactured from natural ingredients.

after a morning of baking, i loaded my dishwasher and tried one of the white dishwasher pods that were free from color.  there really is no reason for dyes in dishwasher pods, and the idea that soap residue could linger and the chemicals could be ingested was a new discovery for me.

after the wash, my dishes were clean and shining. i was very impressed with the results. the product not only cleans, but the package design is clean and stylish.  it reads upscale with fragrance free pods or a choice of red pear with magnolia.

next, i chose to do a load of gardening clothes in my washer, and was equally surprised with the clean results from a white laundry pod.  i used the vanilla lavender pods and loved the fragrance. Modere also offers fragrance free choices.  however; i can’t believe how pleasing the soft lavender scent was on my gardening attire.  since i love the scent from my herb garden, i felt right at home doing my laundry.

i also tried their lemon cleaning wipes for my laundry room general clean-up and appreciated that they provided a quick clean without a residue of harsh chemicals left behind.

the company provides many choices on their website at

check it out, and use the referral code in the website link for activation of discounts if you choose to order.  i feel good enough about these products to send you on for more information.



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