recently, we visited the chanticleer gardens just outside of Philadelphia. the chanticleer estate was built in 1913, and became a year-round home in the early 20’s.  it was originally built as a summer home just outside of the city, to be reached by the main line railway.

the 35 acres, open to the public, are beautifully designed in rooms by theme.  the gardens surrounding the home are especially lovely, with a side porch, tennis court, and pool gardens.   the water table of flowers was simply gorgeous.

other gardens to tour include a ruin garden, the Asian woods, a teacup garden, a cut-flower and vegetable garden, and many more.  we spent two full hours admiring the flowers and garden design. there are also woods, an orchard, and a woodland area of wildflowers.

these gardens are smaller than the Longwood formal gardens, but just as beautiful. a total of 47 acres makes up the estate, with some of that area off-limits for visitors.  taking a visit during the months of June, July or August would maximize the flowers in bloom.

don’t miss this one, it is one of the best in the country. for more information, follow this link:



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