Summer appetizers

Summer is a great time to invite family and friends for outdoor entertaining.  Even if enjoying the outdoors, it is still possible to offer a selection of appetizers indoors on a buffet.  Whether it is a small group of friends or just another couple, it is easy to have a few appetizers set up for casual entertaining.

Here are a few ideas for what to serve when guests stop by:  roasted red peppers and wheat crackers, the classic vegetable tray with an herb dip, a selection of olives with almonds, ham-Swiss-and dill pickle skewers, a cheesy bacon spread with crackers, homemade party mix of bugles, small pretzels, goldfish, rye wafers, and rice chex, or strawberries, blueberries and Monterrey jack cheese. Recipes for any of these appetizers have already been posted on this blog and can be found with the search option. Others are basic and need no recipe.



Maybe, try an herbed feta with crackers and Camembert with jam tartlets.

So nice to have guests serving themselves during the summer months.


Provide a selection of beverages or pour a glass of wine and enjoy!


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