as i look to experiment with different types of edibles, i am trying some in pots, since my kitchen garden has the most sun in my yard.  it gives me the option to move the edibles around to chase the sunlight, if need be some days.  

this variety of kale was labeled dinosaur kale.  most kale is truly known for being nearly indestructible.  not being very demanding of water or really care with temperature swings, kale does like good quality soil.  i am thinking that if this kale takes off, i will find a place for it in the ground to allow it to really grow to size.  my guess is that dinosaur kale may refer to the texture of the leaves, or possible the size of the plant.  i need to do more investigation with this variety.

from my study, i see that kale should really be snipped when the leaves are about four inches long.  other types of kale that are suggested for gardeners include:  black Tuscan, red russian and Pentland brig.  

let me know if you have tried any other favorites.  i am just a beginner with edibles.



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