vegetable garden inspiration


last month i took advantage of viewing many yards on traditional summer garden walks. i always seem to be inspired by viewing what others have in their own home gardens.  on this particular walk, i was totally impressed with this home and the postage-stamp sized vegetable garden.

this vegetable garden was not huge, as i have seen in other yards.  i felt like it was just perfect for a family.  i was inspired with the control of the size and the amount of any one vegetable that was planted.  so often, gardeners get over enthusiastic and plant way more than they could manage or eat.  and then, the garden cannot be maintained.


in addition, i felt like these gardeners were very aware of the design and overall beauty of the growing vegetables.  there is something beautiful about nicely designed vegetable beds, not only for function–but for aesthetics.


edible gardening is very popular now, and i am even more inspired to add to my vegetable garden design.


  1. This looks just like fencing I bought from Chestnut stakes wired together, @36″ high, sold in 30′ lengths. It’s sturdy and was easy to install.


  2. Hello. Yes it is very nice to make the vegetables look nice also, but it is a lot of work. I am trying to do the same, aranging them, but it’s not that easy. Maybe with time, my garden will look that nice.


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