directly from France comes the classic provincial speciality often called Quiche Lorraine.  this is one of the best known French specialty dishes. classically, the recipe only would use bacon, eggs and cream.  this recipe comes from online and include a couple of other ingredients.  i believe that this is a wonderful recipe for brunch, holiday breakfast, or even breakfast for dinner.  i served it alongside a tasty side salad, and it was a perfect meal.

plan on making your own crust or dough, or to shorten the preparation time, i simply used a refrigerated crust.  i thawed the crust according to package directions, placed in the ceramic pie dish, and returned to the refrigerator until ready to fill with the Quiche ingredients.

assemble the following ingredients:  6 slices of bacon, 2 tablespoons margarine, 1 medium white onion sliced, with 2 small shallots sliced, 1 cup shredded swiss, 3/4 cup half and half, 2 eggs, salt and pepper.

preheat the oven to 400 degrees.  in a skillet on the stove top, brown the bacon and drain the grease.  remove the bacon and add the margarine, and the chopped onions.  brown and soften the onions.  remove the pasty shell from the refrigerator, add the onions and scatter the crumbled bacon on top in the dish.  sprinkle with the cheese.  pour half and half in the same skillet, heating to just below a simmer.  season with salt and pepper to taste, and whisk in the eggs slowly, while reducing the heat.  pour the mixture into the tart shell and bake for 35 to 40 minutes.

remove from the oven and serve with a side salad or cup of soup.



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