scrambled eggs breakfast bar

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESMy family members seem to like every dish prepared differently based on their individual tastes.  It has been a challenge for me over the years to find recipes that everyone seems to like. When my children were younger, I don’t think I catered to them as much as I do today.  But as my children have grown into adults, and I see them rarely, I like to have a meal that suits everyone’s taste profile. It is important to me as a mom to provide a pleasing meal, without someone having to say, “I don’t want any of that.”

Therefore, recently, and as I have featured on my blog, I prepare several different types of “bars.”  These are meals, sides or desserts that everyone can choose their own toppings, flavors, relishes, accompaniments, or whatever.  I often serve breakfast bars, main dish bars, beverage bars, or dessert bars.


For some reason, everyone loves these–including my husband.  So, for one of the holiday breakfasts this year, I served a scrambled eggs breakfast bar.  I made scrambled eggs and served them with shredded cheese, crumbled bacon, sliced green onions, and chopped green peppers.

Along with the eggs, we enjoyed baked breakfast potatoes (featured on the blog April 27, 2011), baked fruit (featured November 30, 2010), and cinnamon puffs (featured January 6, 2015).

I did not hear any complaints this year during this meal.




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